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NASA, New MENU added to Reflect our Research into the Application of Linear B & Syllabic Scripts to Interstellar Communication: Click on this BANNER to see all these posts now.


We have added our innovative, cutting edge NASA MENU (Category), which appears on the third line at the top of the first page of our blog. If you are at all interested in our research into the possible (or even probable) implications of any seriously competent scientific research into the Theoretical and Practical Applications of Linear B & Syllabic Scripts to Interstellar Communication, research such as we see conducted by NASA, ESA, the KEPLER missions, SETI or by any other official international space agencies or university-level research projects and the like, then this is the place you’ll definitely want to be. Ours is the one and only Linear B blog on the entire Internet, dedicated to Mycenaean Linear B, as well as to Minoan Linear A & Arcado-Cypriot Linear C, where such matters are taken seriously, but only at the academic, research level. We do not and shall never associate ourselves with crack-pot blogs and sites all in a kerfuffle about so-called UFOS, alien intelligences (usually deemed hostile) and other such riff-raff on the Net: Click to ENLARGE, at your own risk!

UFOers and silly ideas about extraterrestrial intelligence
These deserve no valid place whatsoever into the search for communication(s) with extraterrestrial intelligences, if any such exist at all, or if we go on the assumption, fragile as it is, that they might or may exist, that they would even bother to communicate with the likes of us at all. These and several other specific considerations, which can in some real way be scientifically investigated or adduced, will be addressed under the Category MENU NASA, as the need arises.

We shall of course keep you apprized.

Stay posted.



2 great photos of the tiny Linear B tablets at the Heraklion Museum, taken by my colleague and fellow Linear B researcher, Rita Roberts, November 2014. Click on each photo to ENLARGE it:

Heaklion A

Heaklion B

And here is Rita herself, admiring all those great little tablets. I am green with envy, but at the same time delighted Rita has done this wonderful favour for us all.



Linear B to Greek: ka-ko


Reblogged from FYI. A useful bit of Mycenaean Linear B & Greek vocabulary

Originally posted on Konosos:


LinB words
ka-ko |

Greek words
κακός |

ka-ko | κακό(ς) | bad, evil, ill
Pylos (Scribes 2. 21. 26)

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Linear B to Greek: ka-ko

Linear B to Greek: ka-ko.

Phonetic Key

Phonetic Key.

The Decipherment of Linear B: PY Ta 716.


Take a look at Gretchen Leonhardt’s solid an convincing translation of Pylos Tablet PY Ta 716. I shall be posting my own translation of the same tablet very shortly. Meanwhile, KUDOS to Gretchen on her truly fine decipherment.


Originally posted on Konosos:

PY Ta 716

PY Ta 716

Weapon inventory

PY Ta 716

Scribe 2

.1 pa-sa-ro , ku-ru-so , a-pi , to-ni-jo 2 wa-o *232 2
.2 qi-si-pe-e *234 2

1. *232 | double axe
2. *234 | spear or sword
3. a-pi | ἐπί (epi) | on, upon; extension over a surface
4. ku-ru-so | χρυσό(ς) (khrusos) | gold
5. pa-sa-ro | ψαρό(ς) (psaros) | dappled, speckled
6. qi-si-pe-e | ξίφαι (ksipai) | *a spear or a sword
7. to-ni-jo | τόνιο(ς) (tonios) | *length
9. wa-o | ἄω (ao) | broken, damaged

.1 ψαρό χρυσό ἐπί τόνιο=2; ἄω *double axes=2

  • two double axes braced with gold rivets over the surface (of the handle) [see Notes]; two damaged double axes

.2 ξίφαι *spears or swords=2

  • two spears or swords

Notes:  Cf. χρῡσό-ξιφος (khruso ksiphos) “sword of gold”.   However, Palmer [1969:358] believes that pa-sa-ro , ku-ru-so refers to [gold or] gold-plated rivets, which were used to attach hilts to sword blades [Lorimer 1950:262]. Consequently, ψηρό χρυσό…

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Our apparently esoteric Twitter account, Knossos KONOSO, is now attracting the Big Guns!.

Our seemingly Twitter account, Knossos KONOSO, is now attracting the Big Guns! Click to ENLARGE:

I simply could not believe my eyes when I checked our Twitter Account:

Knossos KONOSO 112014
Earlier today, only to discover that in just the past week or so that we are starting to attract the really big guns on Twitter! I put together the collage of really big Twitter accounts you see above, and when I tallied up the total number of followers they all garnish together, the sum came to over 1,130,000 followers. This means, in plain and simple terms, that this many followers are already following our blog indirectly. Meanwhile, the number of our direct followers continues to grow at the rate of least 10 more per week, now sitting at 730. This is simply astonishing! Something tells me Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae has, as the old saying goes, arrived, suddenly and in a big way.

At the same time as this development has been occurring, our Linear B blog has risen to second place overall among Linear B blogs in a general Google search on “Mycenaean Linear B”, just behind Omniglot, Linear B Syllabary – the ancient script of Crete: Click the Google banner for search results:

google mycenaean Linear B blogs  


Quintus Smyrnaeus, The Fall of Troy, 3.649-51.

Homer, Iliad 22.304-5

Homer, Iliad 22.304-5.

Homer, Iliad 22.304-5


Very first post on SENTENTIAE ANTIQUAE and most appropriate, if you ask me! Richard

Originally posted on Sententiae Antiquae:

“May I not die without a fight and without glory but after doing something big for men to come to learn about”

μὴ μὰν ἀσπουδί γε καὶ ἀκλειῶς ἀπολοίμην,

ἀλλὰ μέγα ῥέξας τι καὶ ἐσσομένοισι πυθέσθαι.

Hector prays to the gods before he faces Achilles and dies

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If ONLY we humans would finally GET IT! hardly likely! Richard

Originally posted on Sententiae Antiquae:

“Or do you not perceive that all men who live upon the earth will be set upon by irresistible, destructive Fate, who cares not about the gods, and who alone has such great power?”

῏Η οὐκ ἀίεις ὅτι πάντας ὅσοι χθονὶ ναιετάουσιν
ἀνθρώπους ὀλοὴ περιπέπταται ἄσχετος Αἶσα
οὐδὲ θεῶν ἀλέγουσα, τόσον σθένος ἔλλαχε μούνη;

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New Direct Link to Gretchen Leonhardt’s Linear B Blog,, which really deserves much more attention than it is getting!.

New Direct Link to Gretchen Leonhardt’s Linear B Blog,, which really deserves much more attention than it is getting! Click to visit her blog:
I have just added a direct link to Gretchen Leonhardt’s Linear B Blog,, which has not been garnering the number of direct hits it is surely entitled to, and should definitely be getting. So for heaven’s sake, please visit her blog, and read her translations of Linear B tablets. Gretchen is a highly accomplished Linear B translator and decipherer of Linear B tablets. This Link always appears at the top of every page our our Blog. You simply click on to be referred directly to her site. 

I should inform you right up front that we rarely see eye to eye on methodology of decipherment and on our approaches to translation, which could not be more unalike if either of us tried. But that is scarcely the point. I for one encourage any and all competent translations of Linear B sources, whether or not I agree, partially agree, or disagree with them, even completely. As I have already made it clear on some of my previous commentaries on Gretchen’s translations of Linear B tablets, which have the virtue of being entirely consistent with her theoretical approach and with her won self-professed highly imaginative mental construct of what the script is all about (the only thing that really matters anyway), I am fundamentally very much at odds with her methodology, as can be seen here in my post on her translation of the famous “Ivory” Tablet, KN 684: Click Previous Post below to read that post:

Linear B Previous Post

But this does not in the least imply that she is “wrong” or that I am “right”, or anything on the spectrum between these poles, because to assert that would be paramount to setting myself up as a know-it-all Linear B expert on translation, which I most certainly am not, anymore than any other Linear B translator in the whole wide world is. If anyone claims that he or she is the be-all-and-end-all of Linear B decipherers, then that poor soul should have his or her head examined, at the very least.

With all this in mind, I urge you to please visit Gretchen Leonhardt’s Linear B translation blog. She is also developing a fine Linear B Lexicon right on site, which you will certainly not want to miss out on. I for one am quite certain that I shall, sooner or later, need to ask Gretchen if she will allow Rita Roberts and myself to use at least a small number of her Lexicon entries when we get around to publishing our own Topical English-Mycenaean Linear B Value-Added Lexicon, which is to at least double the presently accepted Mycenaean Linear B vocabulary base from something like 2,500 attested vocabulary items (excluding personal names and toponyms) to at least 5,000 attested (A) and derived (D) Mycenaean Linear B words, if not considerably more than that by the time it is released in .PDF format sometime around 2017 or 2018. Should she agree to allow us to republish at least a few of her entries, she would naturally be fully credited under the provisions of International Copyright Law. 

Thank you


We now have a direct link to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum: Click on its Banner to VISIT:

Heraklion Archaeological Museum
You can visit the site of the prestigious Heraklion Archaeological Museum from this blog anytime you like, simply by clicking on the first item on the second line of our header links at the very top of this page or any page of of our blog:

Heraklion Archeological Museum

In addition, there is a Link to the Museum at the very bottom of this or any page on our blog, under the rubric, Friends & Links.


Rita Roberts’ Translation of Knossos Tablet K 1092, Rams at Ekzonos (Outside the Belt) & Sygrita: Click to ENLARGE

Knossos Tablet K 1092 translated by Rita Roberts 2014
Rita’s translation of this particular tablet is as polished as are all of her translations. The only real difficulty Rita still has to deal with in deciphering Linear B tablets is that her first encounter with Greek, ancient or modern, was with Mycenaean Greek in Linear B, which is the exact reverse approach pretty much everyone on earth has to take when acquiring a knowledge of Greek... everyone that is to say except Rita. This just so happens to be greatly in her favour, though, because since she is obliged to decipher Linear B tablets straight into Mycenaean Greek, with no intermediary steps into ancient Greek getting in her way, she very often discovers meaning(s) for Linear B words which elude those of us who have a prior solid knowledge of ancient Greek, let alone modern. In other words, her translation do not suffer from bias which is far too often unnecessarily introduced by scholars of ancient Greek, such as myself, who also know Linear B. So Rita has tripped me up on more than one occasion, and she will again... and again... well, at least until she has to learn a little ancient Greek, at least enough to be able to read the ancient Greek equivalent texts of all the Linear B tablets we have posted so far on our blog (and that is scores of them!) and which we will be continuing to post.  For the time being, though, Rita can safely rest on her laurels. When the time comes for her to master at least a modicum of ancient Greek, she and I will as always work together as the fine team we are. 

I for one have not yet even mastered modern Greek, but it appears I shall have to, because although I can read it (sort of), I must be able to read the several articles which appear only in modern Greek on Linear A, B, C, the Iliad etc. Otherwise, I am going to miss out on some very important research. So as you can see, folks, both Rita and I are going to have to eventually “graduate” to the next level.


The Decipherment of Linear B: KN Wm 8499.

Quintus Smyrnaeus, 4.322


Great quote. I am reblogging this. In Mycenaean Linear B it would be written as: kudo e neo atoroqi pere ap akono aetero

Originally posted on Sententiae Antiquae:

“There is glory for the young man who contends and wins the prize.”

κῦδος γὰρ νέῳ ἀνδρὶ φέρειν ἀπ’ ἀγῶνος ἄεθλον.

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Is THAT a good idea, or a just a cop-out. I will have to investigate this myself in the next few days, and post my interpretation of this fragment, which I have never yet seen… oddly enough (for me, that is). One thing is certain. You CANNOT flip the thing upside down, so why reverse the order…. strange! Richard

Originally posted on Konosos:

KN Wm 8499KN Wm 8499

KN Wm 8499

KN Wm 8499

The Philosopher’s Seal

A philosopher’s maxim
Scribe 103

The original transcribed order (pi-mo-no , na-ki-zo , pa-wo) has been changed to facilitate decipherment.

.α  pi-mo-no
.β  pa-wo

  1. na-ki-zo | ναξο(ς) (naksos) | a solid
  2. pa-wo | φαῦο(ς) (pauos) (Aeolic) | light, daylight
  3. pi-mo-no | πήμονο(ς) (pemonos) | the bane of (gen. of πήμων)

.α  πήμονο
.β  φαῦος
.γ  ναξο

.α  The bane of
.β  light
.γ  [is] a solid.

Notes: This seal antedates Thales, the “Father of Philosophy”, by 300-600 years.

Hapaxi > na-ki-zo * pa-wo * pi-mo-no


  1. Chadwick, John et al. 1998. Corpus of Mycenaean Inscriptions from Knossos, Vol. IV (8000-9947). Cambridge University Press.

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