Following new Linear B Decipherment Blog, KONOSO!

Hello from Richard Vallance, Blog Moderator, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae in which I am reconstructing Mycenaean Linear B grammar & vocabulary (both attested & derivative) from the ground up. I am following your fascinating board now, and will IMMEDIATELY add it to my links.  I believe you will find my own blog of great interest. Your Linear B decipherments are very helpful.  Richard Vallance Janke

Hello, friends!  Now let’s learn about the family

Hello, friends!  Now let’s learn about the family in Linear B.  How do you say, father, mother, daughter and then – father, mother and daughter?

It’s easy!   Ready?

First, we need the word – and


and what is a family without a father?


and of course, mother too!


and the family has a child too, let’s say, a daughter


and when they all get together, we have, of course –


(Click on the last phrase to enlarge it)

Now that was easy, wasn’t it?