Our assistant site moderator, Argentée, June 9 2017

Our assistant site moderator, Argentée, June 9 2017

Argentee June 9 2017


Our site moderator, Richard Vallance Janke, April 30 2017

Our site moderator, Richard Vallance Janke, April 30 2017

Richard Vallance Janke April 30 2017

The British Museum on Twitter only follows back about 5 % of those who follow them, but they do follow us!

The British Museum on Twitter only follows back about 5 % of those who follow them, but they do follow us! 


While The British Museum has 1.01 million followers, they only follow back 50.9 K Twitter accounts, and KONOSO is one of those with whom they reciprocate. In other words, we are among the 5 % of Twitter accounts they follow back. This goes to demonstrate the enormous impact our Twitter account, KONOSO:


Moreover, in the past 3 months alone, the number of our twitter followers has risen from 1,600 to over 1,900 (1902). This, in combination with the 625 followers of our co-researcher colleague's twitter account (Rita Roberts):


brings the total number of followers of our 2 accounts combined to 2,527, up from less than 2,000 only 3 months ago.
Among other prestigious international Twitter accounts following us we find:

Henry George Liddell:


the latest in a long line of generations of great historical Greek linguists who over the centuries have compiled the world’s greatest classical Greek dictionary, the Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon.

Phaistos Project:


Greek History Podcast:


@antiquitas @eterna:


Dr Kalliopi Nikita:


Expert in Greek Archaeology-Ancient Glass Specialist-Dedicated to Greek Culture, Language & Heritage Awareness Art lover-Theatrophile-Painter- Olympiacos-Sphinx 

The Nicholson Museum, antiquities and archaeology museum, Sydney University Museums, Sydney, Australia, also follows us:



Bacher Archäology (Institute, Vienna):


Canadian Archaeology:


University of Alberta = UofAHistory&Classics (Alberta, Canada):

All of our followers confirm that Minoan Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae:


is having a profound impact on the vast field of diachronic historical linguistics, especially the decipherment of ancient languages, most notably Mycenaean Linear B, Arcado-Cypriot Linear C and even Minoan Linear A.  MLALBK&M has in effect become the premier diachronic historical linguistics site of its kind in the world in the space of less than 4 years. 

MEDIA Linear B Tablet, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, List of Men Including the “Basileus” or Viceroy

MEDIA Linear B Tablet, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, List of Men Including the “Basileus” or Viceroy: Click to ENLARGE

Heraklion Archaeological Museum tablet wanaka qasiereu viceroy

This magnificent photograph was taken by my colleague and fellow Linear B researcher, Rita Roberts, who actually lives in Heraklion, Crete, only five kilometres from Knossos. Rita is also a retired archaeologist who worked for years with pottery and other precious Minoan findings at the site of Knossos. I am so very fortunate to have her as my colleague. She and I have been working together for at least 15 months, almost since the founding of this great Linear B blog 20 months ago. In spite of our recent advent on the scene, our blog is now the second largest of its kind on the Internet, with the blog, Linear B Syllabary – the ancient script of Crete – Omniglot, the only one ahead of us. To visit Omniglot, Linear B, click here:


A general search on “Mycenaean Linear B” finds us several times on just the first two pages. I would like to make it absolutely clear that, in the field of linguistic research into Mycenaean Linear B & Arcado-Cypriot Linear C in particular we leave no stone unturned. We will go to any lengths to unearth absolutely every scrap of evidence, every instance of new research and insights into these scripts and all related matters. So if you are looking for a clearinghouse on “everything you ever wanted to know about Linear B, but were afraid to ask”, you have just found it.

Our Twitter account, Knossos KO NO SO, is the only Twitter page on the entire Internet focusing specifically on Mycenaean Linear B, undeciphered Minoan Linear A & Arcado-Cypriot Linear C, as well as on related areas of historical significance such as The Catalogue of Ships in Book II of Homer’s Iliad, archaic Greek dialects, Classical Ionic & Attic Greek, the Twitter account of Henry George Liddell Scott, and others like these. If you wish to follow us on Twitter, click HERE:

Twitter Konoso Knossos vallance22

A Request for your help at Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae. Yes, we want to see stars!

A Request for your help at Linear B, Knossos  & Mycenae. Yes, we want to see stars!


While our highly informative, strongly research oriented blog, which has been visited 10s of thousands of times in the eighteen months since its creation in May 2014, attesting to its wide appeal as a research blog on Mycenaean Linear B, Arcado-Cypriot Linear C, the Catalogue of Ships in the second book of Homer’s Iliad, and occasionally, Minoan Linear A, as the need arises, very few of you have been tagging our posts with “Like” (if you like), the number of stars out of 5 yellow stars letting us know how you seriously rate a particular post on these counts: informative content, style and graphics, or any other consideration you deem pertinent, and even to comment on anything you find interesting to ask questions about anything you do not understand but would really like, this is your opportunity. You can take it at any time, and we shall answer your requests and questions to the best of our ability.

Tagging any post with stars (5 being the maximum) will greatly assist us in improving the quality of information and graphics we provide, comments even more so. So if you can find the time every now and then, even if only once in a few months or so, that would be greatly appreciated. Of course, if you wish to rate our posts and comment on regular basis, we welcome you to do just that.  No need to be shy. We aren’t. And there is no such thing as a stupid question. You should see some of the questions my co-researcher and I ask one another, and other Linear B researchers, colleagues and friends! Ask us questions, no matter how inane they seem... because none are.

You will surely want to visit Rita Roberts blog too.
Rita Roberts blog WordPress
And her Twitter!

Rita Roberts

And my Twitter!


Thank you very much.


Let’s all bid a warm welcome to our newest member, our friend, Thomas Wischer, to Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae!

Let’s all bid a warm welcome to our newest member, our friend, Thomas Wischer, to Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae!

You can find Thomas here:


and here:


You know what, Thomas. I have seen your picture, and maybe one of your blogs before (I can’t quite remember when).  

May you post and comment merrily away, Thomas.