NEW! Link to our POST on how to download Scripta Minoa on here

NEW! Link to our POST on how to download Scripta Minoa on here.

Just click on: How to download Sir Arthur Evan’s Scripta Minoa, Volumes 1 & 2, Linear B, in their entirety.pdf:

Scripta Minoa main screen


and you will immediately be taken to the page on which the article appears, here:


Scripta Minoa main file download


If you are interested in Scripta Minoa by Sir Arthur Evans at all, you will definitely want to download these 2 volumes, Scripta Minoa, Volume 1 and 2. The Linear B tablets all appear in Volume 2.



KEY POST! How to download all of Scripta Minoa!

KEY POST! How to download all of Scripta Minoa!

This procedure works only in Firefox, but can be readily adapted to other browsers. To download Scripta Minoa, Vol. 1, in Firefox, 

1. First go to the search page, as seen here:

google home

2. Secondly, copy this address in your HTML search bar, which in Firefox looks like this:

Click to access scriptaminoawrit01evanuoft.pdf

google search Script Minoa Vol 1620 And click the right arrow above, to open the file: 3. which will now appear on your desktop, at the LINK above, like this in Firefox: Scripta Minoa Vol 1620 4. next, to the far right of the document displayed above, you will see the navy blue DOWNLOAD button, with the DOWNLOAD arrow in white. Click on it to download the file: download the file The DOWNLOAD Button is immediately above. 5. When you click on this button, the next thing you should see is this: save fle CLICK: Save File, to save this file on your computer. You must then open your Downloads Folder, and open this file. Since the procedure to open Downloads in the Downloads Folder varies according to your operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Apple) you will have to download and save this file according to your system. I cannot help you with this step. If you need help with this step, consult the HELP files for downloading files on your computer. 6. AFTER you have successfully downloaded this file to your computer, open your Downloads Folder and SAVE the file to your computer, preferably on your desktop. 7. Then open Adobe Acrobat, and open the file on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) in Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat will open the file far far quicker than the online download, in fact, in a matter of seconds. To download and open Scripta Minoa, Vol. 2, repeat all of the steps above, except that in: Step 2, Secondly, copy this address in your HTML search bar, which in Firefox looks like this: google search Script Minoa Vol 2620 And click the right arrow above, to open the file: And then you should see this page: Scripta Minoa Vol 2620 This is the Google address for Scripta Minoa, Vol. 2, which is not quite the same as the Google address for Scripta Minoa, Vol. 1. NOTE that certain details in Steps 1-7 above will vary from browser to browser. We did not provide instructions for Internet Explorer, as we only use Firefox. So if you are using a browser other than Firefox, you may have to adjust some of the input(s) for each step above. Please NOTE that the Linear B fragments and tablets appear in Scripta Minoa, Volume 2, not Volume 1. You can see this for yourself when you open Scripta Minoa, Volume 2, in your Adobe Acrobat Reader. SCROLL DOWN the file until you see this page, the first page of the fragments and tablets in Vol. 2.: first tablets from scripta minoa vol 2620

Colour-coded keyboard layout & FONT for the Mycenaean Linear B syllabary

Colour-coded keyboard layout & FONT for the Mycenaean Linear B syllabary:


I originally posted this colour-coded keyboard layout for the Mycenaean Linear B syllabary in 2014, but it bears re-posting, because it is so very helpful to people learning how to type in Mycenaean Linear B. Simply right-click on the image of the keyboard above, then SAVE AS + whatever name you wish to give it, then print it out on your printer.

NOTE that it is vital that you download the Mycenaean  Linear B FONT before you can even use the Linear B keyboard! You can download the font from here:


You can also download several ancient Greek fonts from the same site, but I highly recommend you select the SPIonic font, as it is the one which was used by the Athenians in the fifth century BCE. However, the font as downloaded appears in both upper and lower case and features all of the Greek accents. The original Athenian alphabet was in upper case only.  

Uploaded to, my research on: Alan Turing & Michael Ventris: a Cursory Comparison of their Handwriting

Uploaded to, my research on: Alan Turing & Michael Ventris: a Cursory Comparison of their Handwriting

Although I originally posted this brief research paper here on our blog about two months ago, I have just uploaded a revised, and slightly more complete version of it here:

Alan Turing and Michael Ventris handwriting title
which anyone of you visiting our blog may download at leisure, provided that you first sign up with, which is a free research clearinghouse, replete with thousands of superb research articles in all areas of the humanities and arts, science and technology and, of course, linguistics, ancient and modern. The advantages of signing up with are many. Here are just a few:

1. While it is easy enough to read any original post on our blog, it is very difficult to upload it, especially since almost all of our posts contain images, which do not readily lend themselves to uploading into a word processor such as Word or Open Office.
2. On the other hand, since almost all research articles, papers, studies, journal articles and conference papers are in PDF format, they can be uploaded from with ease. You will of course need to install the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download any research paper or article, regardless of author(s) or source(s). You can download it from here:

adobe acrobat reader download 
3. is the perfect venue for you to set up your own personal page where you may upload as many of your research papers as you like.
4. is also one of the best research resource hubs on the entire Internet where you can find not just scores, but even hundreds of papers or documents of (in)direct interest to you as a researcher in your own right in your own field of expertise.
5. Of course, you will want to convey this great news to any and all of your colleagues and fellow researchers, whether or not they share your own interests.

My own home page is:

Richard Vallance

I would be most grateful if you were to follow me and if you would like me to follow you back, please let me know.


Mycenaean Greece & Linear B, our NEW Circle on Google +

Mycenaean Greece & Linear B, our NEW Circle on Google + Click to VISIT & Join:

Mycenaean Greece & Linear B Google +

Welcome to Mycenaean Greece & Linear B, our new Circle on Google +, and the only one of its kind. We shall be posting a great many Linear B tablets, photos, illustrations, tables, charts, graphics, etc. here so you will not want to miss our great new Google + Circle, and I suspect that many of you will certainly want to join. We shall also be posting information, photos and the like on Arcado-Cypriot Linear C, The Catalogue of Ships in Book II of the Iliad by Homer, ancient East Greek dialects (Mycenaean, Arcado-Cypriot, Aeolic, Ionic & Attic), and any other information we deem  relevant.

So if you are at all interested in these areas of interest and research into ancient Greek studies, linguistic or otherwise, and ancient Greece itself, you will probably want to join our circle.




The First Ever KEYBOARD MAP for the Arcado-Cypriot TTF Font!


The First Ever KEYBOARD MAP for the Arcado-Cypriot TTF Font: Click to ENLARGE

Arcado-Cypriot Linear C Keyboard
This is the first time ever that anyone has posted the Keyboard Map or the Arcado-Cypriot TTF Font. As such, I reserve all rights for the map. If you wish to use this keyboard map, please feel free to do so, but since it is under international copyright, it is both illegal not to acknowledge the source, and ethical to acknowledge it. Since my copyright stamp is on the map, you will automatically be acknowledging it when you use it. However, anyone erasing the copyright restrictions will be subject to legal procedure. Please respect the work I have put into this map.

This month, I shall also release a Keyboard Map for both the Mycenaean Linear B & Arcado-Cypriot Linear C fonts, which will make the task of typing both fonts much easier for students and researchers of Mycenaean Linear B & Arcado-Cypriot Linear C.

In order to use the Linear C font, you must first download it at:

Arcado-Cypriot Linear C TTF
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Linear C Font Chart. This is the only site where you can find the Linear C Font in TTF format. All other sites provide it in UNICODE format, which is incompatible with Windows.

Thank you



Some Really Fine Twenty-First Century Translations of Homer’s Iliad

Some Really Fine Twenty-First Century Translations of Homer's Iliad

Be as it may, it is up to us in the early twenty-first century to rectify this pitiable state of affairs.

Here is at least one downloadable modern translation of the Iliad which really flies:

Homer Book I intro
You can download this translation in .PDF, Mobi, Epub, WORD or HTML here:

Homer - The Iliad - A new downloadable translation
Fortunately, there have been many truly fine translators of the Here are a few telling reviews of some of the best contemporary translations: click to READ

New Yorker

Library Thing
Take your choice.


How to download & use the Linear B Font by Curtis Clark:

How to download & use the Linear B Font by Curtis Clark:

DOWNLOAD & install the Linear B Font by Curtis Clark:

Unless you download and install the Linear B Font you will not be able to type Linear B on your keyboard, and unless you read the NOTES below, Linear B characters will look far too small when you insert them in a document.  To download:

on this Blog, scroll down to the bottom of this page to: Friends & Links & scroll down to: Linear B TTF & click on it to download.

NOTES on the usage of the Linear B font:

1. Whenever you switch from your default Latin font (Times New Roman, Georgia etc.), you will have to change your font size to 26 or 28 points BOLD, if you wish the Linear B text to appear large enough on your keyboard to be easily legible.  If you choose anything less than 26 points, some Linear B characters may not display correctly, usually with some strokes missing.
2. Once you have switched to Linear B font, you can use the keyboard guide in the previous post to type Linear B characters (vowels, syllabograms, homophones & logograms) or words, phrases and sentences.  With the guide and the Linear B Font install, you will even be able type the entire text of most extant Linear B tablets. 
3. There are exceptions, since the Linear B font by Curtis Clark cannot account for most of ideograms in Linear B, of which there are well over 100. Fortunately, these ideograms, for the most part, occur relatively rarely on the tablets.  One notable exception is Pylos Tablet 641-1952 (Ventris), the very first tablet Michael Ventris translated in June & July 1952, on which the ideograms for various types of tripods (ti-ri-po-de) frequently recur.  The Curtis Clark font (or for that matter any other Linear B/Mycenaean font) cannot account for ideograms such as these.

In cases such as this, you can (if you like) download charts of Linear B ideograms in image formats (e.g. jpeg or PNG), and then crop to the particular ideogram you want to use, resize it to the equivalent of 26 to 28 points, and then insert it into your document at the appropriate position in the Linear B word containing that ideogram, finally switching back to the Linear B font to complete the word.  The problem with this, of course, is that it is a time-consuming and awkward procedure.  It's up to you.  If you have the patience, do it.  If you are hosting a Linear B blog, and you want Linear B text to appear professional, you really don't have much of a choice.  I don't. 

If you wish to access the Linear B Ideograms, proceed as follows:
1. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to Friends & Links and then to UCB Linear B Ideograms, and click to see the chart of Linear B ideograms.  Click on the chart of ideograms, click again to open it in its full size, and then right click to save it to your computer.  Once you have saved the table of ideograms, you then crop down to the particular ideogram you would like to insert in your Linear B text, and save the cropped ideogram to your computer. Good luck!  You'll need it.

Here you see a little demonstration of how to crop a particular ideogram out of the UCB Linear B Ideograms table you have just downloaded.  I did it in 3 steps myself, so that I could see the results at each step, but of course, you will take your own approach to cropping down to a single ideogram, in this case, the ideogram for "woman":

Ideograms man & woman to woman 

Note that I will be explaining & illustrating the use of Linear B logograms and ideograms (annotated) at Progressive Linear B Lessons, Levels 4 & 5 in the winter & spring (of 2014).

4. When you switch back to your default Latin font to type English (or French, German, Italian etc. Etc.) you of course must downsize the font size back to its default, for instance, Times New Roman or Georgia 10-12 points regular (not BOLD).

When you switch to the Linear B font, upsize the font size to a minimum of 26-28 points BOLD.  When you switch back to your default Latin font, downsize to 10-12 points regular (not BOLD).  Recycle this routine as required.