I Argentée

I Argentee 620

I Argentée

I Argentée have lived a hardy life:
a Maine Coon mix, I’ve forded babbling rills,
the freest spirit, who’s never suffered strife!
Why, I have scaled formidable forest hills,
where I’ve run into coons and surly bears
who’ve never phased me in the very least;
I’ve roamed the fields and sounded foxes’ lairs,
so why be so surprised when I am deceased.
Because I pride the space I always crave,
although I was on leash, the leash was loose,
to leave me running free, for being brave,
since as you know I’ve always been so spruce!
For all the bugs I’ve chased and mice I’ve caught
I bid you, fairest friends, to mourn me not.

Richard Vallance

March 29 2019

in memoriam, fairest Argentée, libre esprit (free spirit)
April 15 2003 – March 14 2019


summer haiku d’été – oh you hummingbird = toi, le colibri

summer haiku d’été – oh you hummingbird = toi, le colibri

oh you hummingbird,
a waterfall lapping you –
what a gallant tyke!

hummingbird lapped by a waterfall 620

toi, mon colibri 
qui nage dans une cascade  –
quel petit vaillant !

Richard Vallance