spring haiku de printemps – Petunia

spring haiku de printemps – Petunia

my kitty, petunia  –
pretty wee posey!

Petunia 620

ma chatte, pétunia  –
quelle belle fleur ! 

Richard Vallance

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    1. She certainly is! Her eyes are mesmerizing. She is eating very well, but she is still hiding under my bed all the time because she was a stray only 6 months ago. And considering she is not yet 2 years old, she was only a little over 1 when she was rescued. She is black and white but she has medium fur. On another note, spring is not coming this year. It is horribly cold and it is depressing me a lot. I just hope it starts to get a little warmer by the middle of April but I would not cross my fingers!


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