Linear A fragment HT 55 (Haghia Triada) RECTO: wool and silk dress of a priestess REVISED

Linear A fragment HT 55 (Haghia Triada) RECTO: wool and silk dress of a priestess:


The RECTO of this fragment probably deals with wool and silk textiles. The word KIRO, which appears to mean “box” or “chest”, may imply that there is a silken garment trimmed with wool in a chest. But there is no way to substantiate this as this is a fragment, and so the words do not necessarily string together in any way which makes any real sense. The fragment may imply that a Minoan priestess is wearing a dress of silk trimmed with wool (hence the instrumental singular for wool), which has been recently stored in or is still stored in a chest to retain its freshness. Notice in the modern recreation photo on the left that the trim on the woman’s dress appears to be of wool. Perhaps she is a priestess of one of the peak sanctuaries. This makes sense, as there were many peak sanctuaries in Minoan Crete. Post revised courtesy of Jean-Philippe Gingras.

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6 thoughts on “Linear A fragment HT 55 (Haghia Triada) RECTO: wool and silk dress of a priestess REVISED”

  1. I thought that kuro meant total and kiro deficit, unaccounted for ect. Is there a difference between the 2 words?


    1. Woops! I shall have to fix this. Thanks. I am not sure KIRO means deficit. Perhaps you are getting that idea from Linear B ????


      1. No it does not come from linear b. Reason and Pope suggested that Ki in the right context meant ki-ro for deficit/owed. Kiro might mean deficit but it is just an hypothesis. What is sure about that word it’s that it is related of a quantity of things just like kuro.


        1. Yes, I know that. KIRO is Linear A. I must have made myself misunderstood. The Linear B word for deficit is OPERO. But KIRO does pan out as xheiron which means – less. So that would be deficit. We have this in our upcoming high-correlation article. So I am sorry we have misunderstood one another.




          1. Thanks for the explanation, it makes sens now. But I thought that cheir/xeir was related to the word “hand”.


          2. See all of the reivisions to the post. I think I h ave the answer. KIRO probably means a box or chest. At least I hope so.



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