Some more astounding photos of Argentée in the woods in Ottawa

Some more astounding photos of Argentée in the woods in Ottawa:

NCC and Argentee

The first 2 photos in the first series of 3 are of the National Capital Commission Parkway, which is forest land running straight through the heart of Ottawa for 40 kilometres (25 miles for Americans). In the third photo we see Argentée sitting in the grass on top of the cliff you see in the first photo.

In the second series of 4 photos, you see Argentée in the grass again, and in the last photo you can see her merrily dragging me back home along the forest path. That is why she is in fact a forest cat. It is her breed. And she knows exactly where she is going.

Argentee in the woods



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    1. Yes, that is for sure. She is real predator. She has killed many a mouse in the past and recently, and even some small birds, including sadly a little chickadee just a few days ago. But after all that is what forest cats do. It is in their nature. She is incredibly alert when she is outside in the woods, because forest cats must always be on the lookout for prey and also because they do not want to be attacked by larger animals. They are very intelligent in this respect. Lovely photos, eh?

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