Linear A fragment, HT 55 (Haghia Triada), with conjectural Mycenaean-derived vocabulary

Linear A fragment, HT 55 (Haghia Triada), with conjectural Mycenaean-derived vocabulary:

Linear A HT 55a.2.2. Haghia Triada fragment

Two of the alleged Mycenaean-derived vocabulary on this Linear A fragment, HT 55 (Haghia Triada) has been reconstructed from words on it which are clearly truncated, i.e. TO(KU)? and (A)RIJA?, the latter being a personal or place name, if these are the missing words at all, being clearly open to a great deal of skepticism. But better try and reconstruct the missing meanings than not. MARE can be interpreted one or two ways, either as wool or as honey. To my mind, the second interpretation makes more sense, given that corn is sweet, and may be further sweetened with honey.


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      1. It’s interesting to see a PIE root making it’s way up to Crete. The addstrat did not seem to contain any PIE words so far.


        1. Hi Jean-Philippe. I am greatly enjoying your comments. Are you French or Canadian or what. I am Canadian and fully bilingual, although I do not write in French on this blog, as I need to write in the world’s lingua franca for scientific and linguistic research. Well, I have been following PIE vocabulary in Mycenaean-derived Greek, and there are actually quite a few words. I cannot remember in which post(s) I mentioned this, since we have almost 1,800 posts.

          PS What is your latest level of education, i.e. degree, and at what university. I need to know this, because there is a possibility I can add you as an Associate Editor with KONOSO Press, our new Press here in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

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