Archaeology of the Minoan Cemetery at Pacheia Ammos Crete

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The American archaeologist Richard Seager excavated the cemetery at Pacheia Ammos in East Crete over a total of seven weeks during 1914 and 1915.  The burials were concentrated some 20 meters from the present shoreline and 150 meters east-west along the beach. The burials were found at various depths from within 20 centimeters of the surface to 2.50 meters below.

During the excavation Seager found about half the burial jars sitting in the seawater, from which he concluded that the shoreline had subsided somewhat since Minoan times. Multiple burials, mostly three to five in number, were often found clustered in groups ( 14 in all ). Containers, mostly pithoi, were in many cases reused , probably from domestic contexts.

An example of a Minoan pot burial with skeleton.

Middle Minoan llA-B Conical cup

.Excavation produced fragments of skeletal material , 213 burial jars and 6 larnakes (burial coffins) as well as 20 cups…

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