NEW PINTEREST BOARD! D-Wave and Quantum Computers… & their application to the decipherment of Minoan Linear A and then some!

NEW PINTEREST BOARD! D-Wave and Quantum Computers... & their application to the decipherment of Minoan Linear A and then some! CLICK to join:



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3 thoughts on “NEW PINTEREST BOARD! D-Wave and Quantum Computers… & their application to the decipherment of Minoan Linear A and then some!”

    1. Hello, Willard! So wonderful to hear from you! You would be astounded to see what I have already managed to pull off with respect to deciphering the last 10 % (the most difficult part) of Mycenaean Linear B, as well as breaking through the first 20 % of the previously unknown, completely undeciphered ancient language, Minoan Linear A, even WITHOUT the benefit of quantum computers! But I intend to pick up the ball with all of this, and carry it much, much further. I hope to be able to elicit a positive response from D-Wave, Vancouver B.C., to enlist their active support in my attempt to potentially decipher most, if not all, of Minoan Linear A.

      At the present juncture, I have only 2 major publications on my account on my bold venture into deciphering ancient languages. My account is here:

      You should definitely read my article on the decipherment of Mycenaean Linear B tablet Pylos Py TA 641-1952 (Ventris) in Archaeology and Science, one of the world’s premier archaeological journals, as well as the talk I gave at the Pultusk Academy of the Humanities, Poland, July 1, 2015, on the Role of Supersyllabograms in Mycenaean Linear B. The latter is a real mind blower. The same theory is about to be expounded in full in the NEXT issue of Archaeology and Science, Vol. 12, 2016, about to be released in the next month or so. And THEN in 2018, Archaeology and Science will be publishing my findings in the partial decipherment of Minoan Linear A, a language no one has been able to even begin to decipher in the past 117 years, that is to say, no one but me. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal to the world the real breakthrough I have made with Minoan Linear A, as my article, some 40 pages long, is currently under wraps. But you CAN read my discoveries in Minoan Linear A right here onsite, under the category, Minoan Linear A, and I strongly urge you do so.

      Thanks so much for your interest!

      Please contact me ASAP at:

      with the link to your home page, and with a resume of your own interests, etc. I trust that we can potentially work together, n’est-ce pas?

      And I AM Canadian.

      Bye for now



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