Looking at Ancient Pottery ( Minoan )

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The importance of pottery is stressed by the fact that in most cases it does not perish and is able to withstand the passing of time. Pottery is in fact evidence left to us of ancient times and therefore useful to archaeologists as a means of classification. Pottery handmade at first, until the invention of the potters wheel which was a turn table, known as the slow wheel in which the revolving disc was supported on a pivot. The earliest examples found in Greece have been found a Myrtos, in Eastern Crete; they were flat on one side and convex on the other. The pots were turned by hand while being shaped. Later when the fast potters wheel was introduced the pottery, vases were thrown and built up with the force coming from the rotation of the fast wheel itself.

Pottery in the Neolithic and early Minoan period was made by…

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