Photo series of the Second Palace of Knossos (ca. 1700-1600 BCE) # 2

Photo series of the Second Palace of Knossos (ca. 1700-1600 BCE) # 2

Here again you see a set of three photos of the rear stairwells of the Second Palace, which are very well preserved... indeed, so well preserved that even the ruins of Pompeii cannot boast of such restoration. The third photo shows that the interior wall structure of the Second Palace was pretty much identical with the Third, with door jambs in the same style and of the same colour. Unquestionably, the columns of the Second Palace must have looked pretty much identical to those of the Third. You can clearly see from the third and fourth photos that much of the structure of the retaining walls of the Second Palace was left intact by the Minoan engineers when they constructed the Third.    The retaining walls of the Second Palace are distinct, insofar as they are rounded at the corners. 

Knossos second palace f 

Knossos second palace h

Knossos second palace g


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    1. It certainly was! … as you will see in the next three posts, showing the original palace. Minoan architecture was quite unlike anything else in the ancient world, ANYWHERE in the world. Most ancient civilizations (except Knossos and Athens) went in for overstated, busy architecture, which I don’t like at all. For instance, the Babylonians and especially the Chinese. I love simple architecture with clean lines, just as the Minoans did. And did you know that the brilliant early modern architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was directly inspired by Knossos? That says an awful lot!


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