Vacation in Europe: magnificent photos of Vienna's Museum District & a surprise for Rita!

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Vienna Museumsb

Vienna Museumsa

If you ask me, the chances of my seeing this signs were about a trillion to one, but I saw it! Rita will tell you why!


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  1. Both John and I are so pleased you and Louis had such a good time. It was a much needed brake for you both and it will take a while to come down to earth and get back into routine, but you will have those memories for a long time.


    1. We certainly will, Rita. memories galore! Over 6,000 photos to go with them too! Whew!

      I shall be in touch with you soon re. recommencing Linear B studies together.


    2. We certainly shall! I have never had such a blast in my entire life, and neither has Louis. NOW we have been bitten, and we cannot possibly resist the urge to GO EUROPE again and again, year after year. I shall endeavour to convince Louis that we DO GREECE next year, and I really am convinced he will want to. So we should be meeting you and John in person next autumn at the latest.




  2. O.M.G. Yes ! I just found the sign you referred to Richard. Well for anyone interested, Apicius was a Roman cook, and his recipes are the only evidence we have handed down to us from Roman times. Anyone can read about Apicius and some of his recipes included in my book “Toffee Apples & togas by Rita Roberts. Thanks for taking the photo Richard.


    1. Pretty stunning, eh! I STILL cannot believe I saw it, but I did, and so did Louis! Feel free to use it on your site or anywhere you like. You may wish to print it and put it up on the wall in your study. I bet you will! We are finally back, and I never had such a fantastic vacation in my ENTIRE life! Wow!



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