An Archaeologist’s Thoroughly Researched Translation of Pylos Tablet 64l-1952 (Ventris)

Hello Rita, Eve and David and all of Rita-s friends. Yes, that is for sure! A great job. After all, it was I who approved it, and Rita surpassed my wildest dreams on her work on this justly famous tablet. I granted her 98 % (no one is perfect, not even Rita, ha ha! Richard)

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Burnt from Legs up Pylos 64l Ventris Correction

This Minoan Linear B Tablet PY 64l is by far the most difficult one I have had to translate. It was the first ever Linear B tablet which Michael  Ventris  deciphered in 1952.

I was in my teen years then and knew nothing of his great achievement and in fact nothing about the Linear B Ancient script writings whatsoever.

I am aware that many scholars have translated this tablet such as the archaeologist Carl Blegan, and also Prof. John Chadwick, who assigned the first range of standard values to ideograms for the vessels on Linear B tablet 64l. Ref: Chadwick, John .The Decipherment of Linear B ( 2nd edition) London: Cambridge University Press 1970. ISBN 117


Aigeus a worker is making tripods of the Cretan style.

Tripod Cooking pot fro Knossos. Courtesy The Ashmolean Museum  Tripod Cooking pot from Knossos.

There are 2 tripods with three legs and two handles

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