The Fall of the Minoans

Now THIS is a fascinating read! You really should take it in. Richard

Magick From Scratch

City streets under a pale and hollow moon
In a hazy, starless sky
Busy streets
Ox-cart windings paved over
Signs slapped on backward
This is the labyrinth
Surrounded by dirty water

She knows the score
Knows every twist and turn
Pale face
A movie screen for the dancing colors
Blue, orange and yellow
Stark light
Makes her round face all angles and lines
She pulls down the brim of her fedora
Straightens her trench coat
Lights up a cigarette and spits
This is the Holy Maid.

People rush by her and curse
The crowd is an angry swarm
Each individual person furious for a different reason
The breath of the crowd can be seen on the wind
It’s a time of tyrants
In Heaven and on Earth
A time where the villains are too big
Too far away to trample
A time when wearing a face
That authority hates

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