Apotheosis: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About How Humans Become Greek Deities But Were Afraid To Ask

Apotheosis… Why not give it a try…. Richard

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Ariadne and Hermes have collectively been making noises at me about “The Mysteries of Apotheosis.” For Ariadne, obviously, the topic has deep personal significance, and is essential to understanding her story. Hermes is more interested in it from the “understand the mechanism” sort of angle.

To even begin to tackle this begs a huge number of questions about the anatomy of the soul. We can’t begin to understand what it means to be transformed from a human being into a deity until we understand, in a spiritual way, what the difference might be between human beings and deities.

Obviously, we can’t know. The whole reason there are multiple religions on Earth is because we can never know. However, what I can do is to examine my experiences, examine the mythology of those who underwent apotheosis in Greek mythology, and see what my operating hypothesis is.

If my hypothesis proves more or less correct, we…

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