BREAKING NEWS! Film on the Return of the famous “Idalion Tablet” Decree in Arcado-Cypriot Linear C to its Home in Cyprus

BREAKING NEWS! Film on the Return of the famous “Idalion Tablet” Decree in Arcado-Cypriot Linear C to its Home in Cyprus: Click on the Banner to play the video (28:35 min.)

Idalion Tablet Facsimile Cyprus
This fascinating film celebrates the return of a “genuine copy” of the famous Idalion Tablet Decree in Arcado-Cypriot Linear C to its Home in Cyprus. The original Decree is on display at the.... in France. To read about it, click here:

Idalion Tablet Wikimedia



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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS! Film on the Return of the famous “Idalion Tablet” Decree in Arcado-Cypriot Linear C to its Home in Cyprus”

  1. Hi Richard, At this stage I don’t feel qualified enough to pass comment on anyone else’s work. However, once I am more advanced in my learning and understand Linear B a little more then I may feel differently and would most likely appreciate others correcting my work. To me I hope it would be a friendly discussion as such. Hope that makes sense to you Richard.


    1. Sure does. Not to worry. I won’t allow anyone else to critique your work, because some people can be too harsh, and anyway, they may not even be aware you are still learning at the (so to speak) early advanced stage. At any rate, we are ALL always learning, and as for myself, I do not appreciate it much at all when others lord it over me, claiming I am not qualified enough. I had enough of that in my days as a poet, even though most folks find me to be a fine poet. I myself refuse to take take issue with other folks research, so long as it is sound, but I do believe I am entitled to disagree at least. Anyway, this conversation sounds familiar to both of us. You and I both know that my teaching and your learning go hand in hand, and that we both learn more from the whole experience. No one is any better than anyone else, nor any worse. We are all, I sincerely hope, equal.

      Well, anyway, there you have it, Rita.

      Did you accept my invitation to my new Skype account…. I have been waiting for your reply.





    1. Not quite yet, but very very soon. I shall start by translating the first line only, but even that will knock everyone-s socks off, because no-one has ever done it ONLINE… in print, yes, but not online.

      THEN we will be deluged with visitors. Stats. for hits have soared way past 3,000 for the second month in a row now. It is even possible that we surpass last month-s 3,600+ by tomorrow evening. I can foresee the blog jumping to over 4,000 hits per month in the winter of 2015. We currently stand at 33,500 hits, so I estimate at least 50 K by our second anniversary, which is going to be extremely impressive for something as esoteric as Linear B, Linear A & Linear C.

      Oh, and I wonder what you think of my OPEN invitation to other Linear B translators to criticize my own translations as freely as they like… and why not. THAT should convince Gretchen Leonhardt that I am more than willing to have her fire away, since I know perfectly well that she strongly disagrees with practically every translation I ever make, just as I disagree with hers. Live and let live, as we say. What is good for the gander (me) is good for the goose (her) or any other goose or gander. There is a caveat Gretchen needs to understand. It is tit for tat. She criticizes my translations; I critique hers. No hay problema nada. Anyway, how on earth is anyone suppose to learn ANYTHING except from seeing the errors they make, minor, major or even grievous! Comment from you on this welcome.



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