Our seemingly esoteric Twitter account, Knossos KONOSO, is now attracting the Big Guns!

Our seemingly Twitter account, Knossos KONOSO, is now attracting the Big Guns! Click to ENLARGE:

I simply could not believe my eyes when I checked our Twitter Account:

Knossos KONOSO 112014
Earlier today, only to discover that in just the past week or so that we are starting to attract the really big guns on Twitter! I put together the collage of really big Twitter accounts you see above, and when I tallied up the total number of followers they all garnish together, the sum came to over 1,130,000 followers. This means, in plain and simple terms, that this many followers are already following our blog indirectly. Meanwhile, the number of our direct followers continues to grow at the rate of least 10 more per week, now sitting at 730. This is simply astonishing! Something tells me Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae has, as the old saying goes, arrived, suddenly and in a big way.

At the same time as this development has been occurring, our Linear B blog has risen to second place overall among Linear B blogs in a general Google search on “Mycenaean Linear B”, just behind Omniglot, Linear B Syllabary – the ancient script of Crete: Click the Google banner for search results:

google mycenaean Linear B blogs  



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