In Linear B + The Daesh Have Death in Their Hands & Blood in Their Mouths

In Linear B + The Daesh Have Death in Their Hands & Blood in Their Mouths: Click to ENLARGE:

Daesh ISIS in LinearB

Well before the dastardly terrorist attack on the Canadian Parliament today here in Ottawa, where I live, in which a Canadian soldier on guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was shot to death in the back 4 times, I was sick to death of these monsters, the Daesh, or so-called ISIS, which is a disgusting insult to the Egyptian goddess, Isis & her consort, Osiris; hence the title of my sonnet about these murderous thugs, who are even worse than Nazis, because they slaughter absolutely everyone who does not fall in line with their “brand of Islam”, a dreadful affront to Islam itself, and to all the Faiths of our harried world. I need say no more. My condemnation of these bloodthirsty barbarians cannot be harsh enough.

The world must be rid of them, and the sooner the better... for the alternative is too hellish to dare imagine. But I will say it out loud. Europe and the nations of the world buried their heads & ignored Hitler before World War II. We do so again at our greatest peril. If World War III strikes – and to my mind, it looks almost imminent – it will be a long, drawn out, bloody, vicious war of attrition. I may last as long as a decade, for we are faced, not with open enemies as our ancestors were in the Second World War, enemies they could at least see, recognize and fight, but with sickening cowards who hide behind masks, rape women and children, and slaughter countless souls by crucifixion and the most bloodthirsty methods of beheading imaginable. I just saw some of the actual beheadings on the Internet, and they made me sick to my stomach. The Daesh actually saw off their victims’ heads with knives!  Nothing could be more barbaric! Even the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution (1792-1794) never descended to such a hellish pit. They used the guillotine, which was swift and clean, for all its horror. But these beasts see otherwise, and act in ways which heap such shame on them that their forfeit their own humanity for the devils they have become. May God have mercy on their souls, because I shall not, even if I am Christian.

The sonnet is my own. I have been a poet all my life, although these days I write little poetry. This sonnet, however, came to me in a flash of lightning, and I mean every word of it.

NOTE that the Greek text is in archaic Greek.



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6 thoughts on “In Linear B + The Daesh Have Death in Their Hands & Blood in Their Mouths”

  1. Well said. I especially like that you used the sonnet, a venerable poetic form; kind of an ironic contrast to how ISIL takes history and skews (and screws) it to its (perceived) advantage.

    Personally, I’d word some parts of it a bit differently. Of course, this is entirely a subjective matter, but I’ll just share my variants for the sake of creative discourse:

    …of Daesh’s slaves, who smear unholy shame
    on Allah’s Holy Word with infants’ lives
    and children’s cries, perverting it to kill
    themselves and goodly souls with bloody knives…

    …their troglodytic minds could not conceive…

    Again, that’s just my own personal take. The poem is well written as it is — I just think it could be even better. Its message, however, is faultless.
    As much as warfare displeases and disgusts me, how else (alas!) can one respond to those whose only form of discourse is through bullets, blades and blood? There’s no reasonable alternative: the fanatical foe must be crushed.


    1. Hi Casey. Thank you so much. And now that those monsters have attacked our Parliament and shot in the BACK twice Corporal Nathan Cirillo, it is just TOO much to take anymore. And there is NO OTHER WAY to respond but with war. I was in the Canadian navy when I was young. I am 69 now, but very healthy and strong, and if I have to fight, I will. This is, I am sure, the beginning of World War III. When the Daesh attack Israel, and they WILL, it is game over.


    1. I am HORRIFIED beyond words. I told you the world was at war, Rita. No one can avoid it now. There is no hiding from it. We have to rid the earth of these monsters. They are FAR worse than the Nazis, who (ONLY) killed the Jews, mentally ill, physically disabled, us gays and folks like that. These barbarians want to kill EVERYONE ON EARTH who does not cave into their Satanic vision of what I cannot even imagine.


  2. It seems this ‘virus’ spreads just as far wide as the one affecting west Africa. Only this one is malignant evil, we in the United Kingdom witnessed it, as two twisted human beings hacked to death a young unarmed off duty soldier. Lee Rigby had his whole life ahead of him, they brutally took that away in the name of God.
    God did not act that day, nor did he direct attacks on our cousins in Canada- humanity did!
    Islam is not to blame, the corrupted sick minds of human beings are to blame.
    And there is no negotiating with these ‘people’ only a united action by decent humanity can rid the world of this contagion.


    1. PRECISEMENT ! PRECISELY! And whether we like it or not, WW III has begun. Only this time it is going to be a war of attrition and it is going to be long, very long, perhaps a decade or more. I love the way you said this. I shall post it. You are very kind. The horror I felt and we as Canadians felt is beyond words. To shoot a Corporal in the back twice who is standing on guard unarmed at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the National War Memorial is such an act of vile cowardice. We have no choice now but to get rid of these monsters. I sickens me to death. Contagion, cancer, whatever, far worse than E-bola. E-bola is only a disease, and we can fight that fairly easily. And I know all about that poor soldier in the UK who had his head hacked off. Horrific! + Two Canadian soldiers killed in one week. Awful. God help us all. Richard


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