A Request for your help at Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae. Yes, we want to see stars!

A Request for your help at Linear B, Knossos  & Mycenae. Yes, we want to see stars!


While our highly informative, strongly research oriented blog, which has been visited 10s of thousands of times in the eighteen months since its creation in May 2014, attesting to its wide appeal as a research blog on Mycenaean Linear B, Arcado-Cypriot Linear C, the Catalogue of Ships in the second book of Homer’s Iliad, and occasionally, Minoan Linear A, as the need arises, very few of you have been tagging our posts with “Like” (if you like), the number of stars out of 5 yellow stars letting us know how you seriously rate a particular post on these counts: informative content, style and graphics, or any other consideration you deem pertinent, and even to comment on anything you find interesting to ask questions about anything you do not understand but would really like, this is your opportunity. You can take it at any time, and we shall answer your requests and questions to the best of our ability.

Tagging any post with stars (5 being the maximum) will greatly assist us in improving the quality of information and graphics we provide, comments even more so. So if you can find the time every now and then, even if only once in a few months or so, that would be greatly appreciated. Of course, if you wish to rate our posts and comment on regular basis, we welcome you to do just that.  No need to be shy. We aren’t. And there is no such thing as a stupid question. You should see some of the questions my co-researcher and I ask one another, and other Linear B researchers, colleagues and friends! Ask us questions, no matter how inane they seem... because none are.

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Thank you very much.


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