Terracotta shard from Wisconsin tablet site, third perspective..

As you might see, in the upper left corner; three symbols. Certainly distinguishable is the symbol ‘u’, appears, with the ‘boat’ ideogram. Preceding the symbol for ‘u’ is the first character shaped like the letter ‘C’. Quite obvious…is the raised relief of the outline of a woman in a long skirt with outstretched arms. Again, I ask; could this be the ‘Snake Goddess”. Will it positively date this piece and the Wisconsin tablet? AND… what does the obtrusive “S”, in the middle; mean? Is it an S? What you see is what I found. Not tricks, no illusions. I invite you to come and see them and the other pieces.
I’m not going to pretend to translate, just show anyone willing to view this piece; there is more to discover at this site.
Please present your arguments, I can only tell you where I unearthed them, not who or why they were made.

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