Terracotta shard found at Wisconsin tablet site


This shard was found at the same site as the Wisconsin tablet. There appears to be five legible symbols/characters of which may or may not be of the Minoan culture.

You decide. Most noticeable is the raised relief of the outline, of what appears to be the figure of a person in a long skirt and with outstretched arms.  Could this be the ‘Snake Goddess” deity of the Minoan culture?  And what of the ‘S’ symbol above the figure? Of the other three raised relief symbols, there is clearly the symbol for ‘u’ and the ideogram for ‘boat’. Not clear in this photo, I will post a much clearer photo very soon. Again, the time span for these symbols to be used in unison, gives way for deducing as well as speculation. Rest assure this, too; came from previously disturbed ground, at a construction site from 1962.  All this in an area of 6X8 feet and a depth of 2 feet. But my blueberry bushes will thank me for removing this from their roots.

If Rita could please post the third photo of this shard, which is a better perspective; it gives a clearer view of the other symbols in the upper left corner of the shard. Thank you Rita.  You are quite marvelous and very indulging.




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