The Wisconsin U.S.A. Tablet — Is it Minoan? PART A: Comparison with 4 Ancient Northern Mediterranean Scripts

The Wisconsin U.S.A. Tablet — Is it Minoan? PART A: Comparison with 4 Ancient Northern Mediterranean Scripts.

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  1. Understandably, with the mix of A&B, combined with unidentifiable symbols/hieroglyphs it is difficult to decipher this tablet. But, along with this tablet, I dug up a shard of terracotta.  This shard has five very recognizable characters. One of the characters is as my best guess, the “Snake Goddess”. Several other shards(one with glaze) were found as well. Also found was an agate.  This may not sound interesting, until you discover the nearest source of this particular agate is 100 miles away.  There was only one agate at the site. Also found was what is believed to be a remnant of a lead ingot mold. With two parallel holes, is very unassuming.  Feel free to post these photos and make comment. Rita has another photo of the shard, not posted. Regards,



    1. You should definitely post these shards too, James. I will be able to examine them to my satisfaction then. I imagine you may have read my admittedly LONG essays on the tablet, in which I come to the firm conclusion that the tablet is not, nor can be, either Linear A or Linear B. I wonder how familiar you are with Linear B. If well versed in it, that is great, otherwise I can teach it to you, as I already have to Rita and a young fellow in China, Yann Chen. It is fun. Anyway, whether or not this tablet is Minoan, as you seem to believe it is, it is a SIGNIFICANT find, and you you should cherish with all your heart, and keep it close to you. You should definitely have it carbon dated, and submit it to as many professional archaeologists and ancient language linguists as you can, apart from myself, who am the first linguist to have long, hard look at it. But it frankly stumps me. I can make no sense of it at all.

      Note also that Rita is a professional archaeologist herself, so you probably take her advice to heart too.

      Anyway, stuff to mull over.

      I HEARTILY COMMEND you for posting this tablet, which is highly intriguing. to say the least, even IF it is not Minoan, which I am quite convinced it is not. However, do not take my word for it. Double-check with at least two other qualified ancient language linguists.

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