Linear B Show & Tell # 4: Amphora Decorated with Spirals


Linear B Show & Tell # 4:  Amphora Decorated with Spirals (Click to ENLARGE):

Mycenaean Linear B aporowewe amphora decorated with spirals

Anyone who is at all familiar with Minoan-Mycenaean architectural, fresco and pottery designs knows fully well that the Minoans and Mycenaeans were quite crazy about spirals in their beautiful designs, which proliferate above all else on their exquisite pottery: pithoi (huge storage jars, as seen at Knossos, used to store olive oil and many other commodities), amphorae, vases, jars, bowls, drinking vessels, you name it.

Here is a composite of more exquisite examples + the word for “cup” (Click to ENLARGE):

Kamares Middle Minoan Mycenaean octopus wine cup Minoan Dolphiin Oinos wine cup


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3 thoughts on “Linear B Show & Tell # 4: Amphora Decorated with Spirals”

  1. When I first began working on the Minoan pottery in Crete there were many different vessels and fabric types I had to get used to, but I loved working on the tripod cooking pots and my favorite of the decorated wares was indeed the Kamares Ware some of it was very fragile not unlike the ancient oriental eggshell wares . Its nice to see a complete pot like the one in your picture Richard.


    1. Thank you so much, Rita. I was never aware that Kamares Ware was and is so fragile.
      The Minoans were certainly highly skilled and artistic craftsmen and -women. To my
      mind, the Minoans produced some of the loveliest ceramics, pottery, jewellery and
      other fine wares of ANY civilization in the history of the world!



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