Translation of Knossos Tablet KN 684, Loss of 46 Ivory Fragments

Translation of Knossos Tablet KN 684, Loss of 46 Ivory Fragments (Click to ENLARGE):

Linear B Tablet Knossos Kn V 684



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4 thoughts on “Translation of Knossos Tablet KN 684, Loss of 46 Ivory Fragments”

    1. Hardly a setback… I didn’t even know this myself until I checked on it.
      Live and learn, eh? Well, there you have it, we ALL know what it means now.


    1. Hi Rita! Your comment got through even without my approval. I just reset your privileges to AUTHOR,
      and it worked! Yes, the tablet is very interesting. I discovered something new when I was trying
      to translate it. As it transpires, the original meaning of EREPATO = elephantos in ancient Greek,
      i.e. in Mycenaean and in Homer, was IVORY and not elephant. Fascinating eh? So that is another
      error in the Mycenaean (Linear B) – English Glossary. The word EREPATO does NOT mean “elephant”
      but “ivory”. I keep finding even more errors, would you believe it? Eventually, I will correct
      all of them too, and update the list of errors in the Glossary, and we can all correct our own.

      PS you can read ALL the words on this tablet.

      Bye for now



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