Pylos Tablet TA 641-1952 (Ventris) with Linear B FONT

Pylos Tablet TA 641-1952 (Ventris) with Linear B FONT (CLICK to enlarge):

Pylos Tablet TA 641-1952 Ventris with Linear B FONT

This is the very first Linear B tablet deciphered by Michael Ventris in 1952. So in honour of his name as a superb linguist and genius of the first order, I now present you with a totally new version of this historic tablet, which I have reformatted for the greatest possible clarity, with the intention to make this tablet all the more accessible to students of Linear B who wish to translate a tablet into English.  It should come as no surprise that of all the extant Linear B tablets, this is the one most often translated.

I will be providing a complete translation of Pylos tablet TA 641-1952 later this month.

Thank you. Richard


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